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Law reform

Our society and our attitudes and values are always changing. Law reform is the ongoing process of reviewing and changing the law, so that it keeps pace with the needs and values of our society. There are many people and organisations who evaluate the need for law reform, develop and propose changes and strive to implement them. Institutional law reform is driven by bodies like the parliament and its committees, Commonwealth and State law reform commissions and Royal Commissions. Pressure for law reform also comes from lobbyists, the media and interest groups. These lawgovpol.com topic pages summarise the various institutions and processes that contribute to law reform. These pages have been written by lawgovpol.com authors.

What is law reform?
Obstacles to law reform
Pressure groups
The media and law reform
The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC)
The Victorian Law Reform Commission (VLRC)
Royal Commissions
The Ombudsman

Case study: Port Arthur
Case study: Abortion law in Victoria
Case study: Victim advocacy groups
Case study: Provocation as a defence to murder
Case study: The 2009 bushfires Royal Commission

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