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Government in Australia

Government in Australia is defined by our Commonwealth Constitution, the various State constitutions and the conventions of the Westminster political system. Parliaments are the supreme government and law-making body in our system. The prime minister or premier and their cabinet form the executive government and are responsible for day to day decision making. Parties shape the landscape of our political and parliamentary system. Federalism, the sharing of powers between the Commonwealth and the States, is another important aspect of Australian politics. The following lawgovpol.com topic pages explore topics related to government in Australia. If you would like to suggest or contribute a topic, please contact us.

Australia’s system of government

The Federal parliament
The parliamentary speaker
Hung parliaments

Executive government
The separation of powers
Governors and governors-general

The State parliaments
Restrictions on Commonwealth and State power
Changing Federal-State powers

The public service
Subordinate authorities

Political parties

Foreign policy and domestic policy

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