"> Protecting rights

Protecting rights

Rights are conditions or freedoms that every person enjoys under the law. Rights are an important component of liberal democratic societies. Individuals in these societies have several fundamental rights, including the right to life and the right to freedoms of speech, religion, assembly and movement. Protecting rights and freedoms is of the main functions of the law. Protection of rights can be found in our constitutions, in our legislation and in common law. These lawgovpol.com topic pages are concise summaries of significant concepts, institutions and processes in Australian law and government. These pages have been written by lawgovpol.com authors.

What are rights?
Express rights in the Constitution
Implied rights in the Constitution

International covenants on rights
Protecting rights in the United States
Protecting rights in Britain
Protecting rights in New Zealand
Protecting rights in Canada
Protecting rights in South Africa

Case study: Vickie Lee Roach
Case study: World Youth Day

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