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highcourtfrontWelcome to lawgovpol.com, a reference site and learning resource for Australian teachers and students. The lawgovpol.com site is written by qualified, experienced and practising teachers, for senior secondary and undergraduate students of Legal Studies and Politics. The lawgovpol.com site contains a range of topic summaries, case studies and information about law, government and politics in Australia. The site is maintained by Alpha History.

From January 2015, lawgovpol.com will publish new topic pages and other information on a weekly basis. Beginning in February, we will also publish a range of online activities, such as quizzes and crosswords, where you can test your understanding and recall of important legal and political concepts. New additions to our website will be announced on our Twitter feed and our Facebook page – please follow these accounts for news and updates. If you have any queries or suggestions, or you would like to contribute material to lawgovpol.com, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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